Divorce in Indonesia

How to Dissolve Your Marriage in Indonesia

12 December 2016

Divorce in Indonesia

This video explains what you should do before you file for a divorce in Indonesia such as gathering supporting documents to be used as evidence in a court of law so you and your Indonesian lawyer can build the case for you.
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The foreign couple that lives and working in Indonesia may access the Indonesian legal system for getting their marriage dissolved, even though their marriage was registered outside of Indonesia.
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Under the new Citizenship Law, and Immigration Law, a foreign spouse of an Indonesian is entitled to a spousal-residency permit. The residency permit valid for 12 months allowing the foreign partner stays continuously in Indonesia throughout the year.
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How to get marry in Indonesia, and its statutory requirements according to 1974 Marriage Law.
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This video explains how you can acknowledge your child born out wedlock, how to get you legally recognized as the legal father within the legal system of family law in Indonesia.
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The video explains why you Indonesian prenup might not working for your marriage.
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This video explains how the property division during the course of marriage can be done legally in Indonesia.
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The video explains the importance for having a prenuptial agreement for mixed-marriage couple in Indonesia.
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Legal information of how a step parent may adopt his step child in Indonesia legally according to legal framework in Indonesia. You will have enough information what documents you need to supply, why you need to do this, and most of all you will get the big picture of what…
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Prenuptial agreement is a must have documents in order to secure your property ownership in Indonesia.
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Complete explanation on how getting the certificate of custody rights in Indonesia.
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This video exlplains how to get custody certificate, what kind of documents that specify your custody rights, and how you get legally recognized as the custdoy holder for child born out of wedlock in
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